“Art Deco” Diamond Brooch

The Art Deco era began in France at the apex of World War I in 1917. It lasted into the 1930’s. The idea was to combine modernist styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials. In today’s world, Art Deco is known historically as one of the golden era’s of art.

With the elaborate design, quality crafting, and fine metals, this brooch is an excellent representation of that time period. The brooch is set in platinum and centers an “old european” cut diamond, which is flanked by two diamonds on its sides and two more on its poles. These weigh approxmately 3.50 carats in total. The brooch is accented by another 44 diamonds. In total, these weigh roughly 0.55 carats.

The diamonds in this ring do not carry certificates from the world leading laboratories, as sending them to be inspected would involve un-setting the stones, and thus the ring would lose its antiquity.