Simply bring in your gem and our master jewelers will assess the item, along with the centering stone. They can then infer through their decades of experience the category of the gem, whether or not it is natural, what the flaws are, what it is missing, and how it can be improved. Such level of expertise is hard to come by at most appraiser’s. Also, it is a customer loyalty initiative and not a source of revenue, reassuring clients that we work through our hallmarks of transparency, expertise, and honesty to service them.


Once our master jewelers have evaluated and appraised the item, we will compose a list of practical solutions for any issues that may have been spotted during the evaluation. We will then run the client through their options and work towards the solution. All suggestions will be carefully-thought out, clearly communicated, and insured/guaranteed by our company. Many solutions can be very specific to the client, so we work on a case-by-case basis, offering only what we feel is best in a clearly communicated manner.

We will also offer exclusive benefits, such as access to our exceptional private collections, gifts, and more personally-tailored rewards.

Please click here to see the full agreement. At Gad & Co., we believe the cornerstones of business are transparency, expertise, and above all, honesty, and we live by these hallmarks. We service elite clientele and have become a trusted name over the last 30 years by imbuing our company hallmarks in every facet of our work, every single day. At Gad & Co., nothing is more important than our relationships with our dear clients, and we strive to build relationships that -like diamonds- are forever.