Gad & Co High Jewelry

Since 1983, Gad & Co. has pioneered and surpassed industry standards of excellence and innovation within the world of High Jewelry. We purvey Miracles of Nature: the most exceptional and rare diamonds and gemstones on Earth. Our stunning collection comprises of original pieces, antiques, and more. Carefully selected, it encapsulates beauty and value. At Gad & Co., we believe the cornerstones of business are transparency, expertise, and above all, honesty, and we live by these hallmarks. We service elite clientele and have become a trusted name over the last 30 years by imbuing our company hallmarks in every facet of our work, every single day. At Gad and Co, we strive to build relationships that -like diamonds- are forever.

We have built a sterling reputation through decades of collaboration and honesty within our marketplace. Pictured on this page are examples of highly-circulated publications that have reinforced our legitimacy and led Gad & Co. to global recognition within the world of fine jewelry.