Since its inception in New York in 1983, Gad and Co has pioneered and surpassed industry standards of excellence and innovation within the world of high jewellery.
We purvey Miracles of Nature- the most exceptional and rare Diamonds and Gemstones on Earth.
We are driven by our passion for exceptional gems and our love of providing individuals with unique requirements.
Through decades of experience and knowledge, we are able to control every stage of the jewellery making process- from sourcing the stone, to perfecting every facet through the arduous processes of cutting and polishing, right down to designing and setting each masterpiece in house.

Gad and Co was founded in March of 1983 in New York by brothers
Doron and Amir Gad and has remained family-owned and
family-oriented since its humble beginnings. A few years
after its establishment, Gad and Co. expanded globally,
leaving its mark throughout The Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa.
In 1997, we opened our flagship retail shop in the heart of Central,
Hong Kong, and have since specialized in unique jewels and exceptional service.

At Gad and Co, we believe that the beauty of our industry is
that every stone and every jewel are one of a kind- as people are- and we make it our mission to
provide pieces that are unique to the individual. Behind
every diamond or gemstone there is an origin- a story- and
we believe that every story has a happy ending. At Gad and
Co, we strive to build
relationships that- like diamonds- are forever.