Beautiful Rubies and Rings for Sale

With its rich, intoxicating colour, rubies have long been considered a stone of love, passion and energy. It is the perfect gemstone to symbolize powerful, strong feelings, which is why it’s so synonymous with romance. At Gad & Co, we have carefully selected a variety of precious gems to create beautiful rings and jewellery for our customers.

We have a variety of rings for sale featuring tremendous rubies of the highest quality of colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. With Gad & Co, you can trust that your investment is of exceptional quality.

Family owned and operated jewellers

At Gad & Co, we deliver high quality in our gemstone collection and diamonds, ensuring each step is carefully considered. We source the best stones available and begin the detailed, careful process of cutting and shaping the jewel. Once we have finished this, the same effort and care goes into designing your perfect jewellery, creating a truly unique piece that’s the perfect symbol of love or a great cherished jewel, an exceptional family heirloom. Choose from beautiful rubies, vibrant emeralds and striking sapphires, or choose from our diamond collection.

Gad & Co has continues its family-owned and operated outlook since its inception. With this in mind, our team offers a personalized approach to each customer’s request, leaving a mark on customers all across the globe including Europe, South Africa, China.

Choose from our exceptional rubies today

Take a look at our few of our beautiful ring designs to choose a ruby ring that you love. If you see something that captures your eyes, be sure to get in touch with Gad & Co to discuss your personalized gem. Make an enquiry today to discuss your new investment or your romantic gift. We are always excited to speak to new customers.