Antique Sapphire Ring

Everlasting, this antique Sapphire ring has been intact as a treasure for over 150 years. It centers an unheated oval-cut Burmese sapphire with a deep blue hue that weighs roughly 15 carats, is framed by 11.02 carats of round-brilliant cut diamonds, and is set in platinum and steel.–

We cannot pinpoint the era, but can confirm this ring is at the very least 150 years old, and has been in this exact condition for the entirety of that time.

Since this gem hails from Burma, which is known for the quality of gems that are found in those famed deposits of gemstones, it commands a premium on the market, as the quality of Burmese sapphires is superior to sapphires of every other region, save for Kashmir.

The gem is also unheated, per AGL, which means it remains free of tampering/ enhancement and is as pure as nature intended it to be.

This gem is certified by the American Gemmological Laboratory (AGL) to be of “Burmese” origin and of no “heat”