Art Deco Vintage Sapphire Ring

Centering a 15.16 carat oval shape sapphire, flanked by step-cut baguette diamonds and by unique, art-deco era designed shoulders that contain over two carats and cuts of diamonds, and set in pure platinum, this ring has remained intact for over 80 years. It graces its age, yet shows no signs of deterioration.

The sapphire hails from the Ceylon region of Sri Lanka, home of many of the best gem-quality sapphires in todays market. A strong blue color emits from the gem, which is especially impressive due to the lack of enhancement on this stone, as the ring is “unheated”, per the American Gemological Laboratory (AGL).

This extraordinary ring is accompanied by an AGL report, which classifies the sapphire as of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) origin and of no “heat”.