“Burmese Daisy” Ruby Ring

The “Burmese Daisy” ruby ring features a ruby from what is known as the mecca of rubies, Burma. It stands at 3.81 carats and is framed by round-brilliant cut diamonds weighing 3.21 carats. The ring is set in 18k white and yellow gold.

-The design, along with a few other treasures at Gad and Co, are inspired by flowers and rooted in nature, the reason being how deeply ingrained gemstones are with our Mother Earth. While Burma is known their legendary ruby deposits, there are also countless species of flowers, most of them exotic and/or tropical and many of which indigenous to Myanmar. The “Burmese Daisy”, one of the most prominent flowers from the region, was the inspiration of this ring.

-This ruby is unheated, which means it is free of the tampering and enhancement that is so prevalent in todays market. The color hue of the ruby is a strong purplish red and is truly a sight to behold, as not many rubies radiate this specific purplish red hue.

This ring is classified by the American Gemmological Lab (AGL) to be of “Burmese” origin and “unheated”.