Fancy Yellow Necklace and Earrings Set

A masterpiece, this necklace and earring set took over half a year to come to life. With over 250 diamonds composing the necklace, it took expert craftsmanship and gifted designers to create this treasure, and through countless hours of collaboration, this wonder was born. Gad and Co is incredibly proud of the teams that made this happen, as the quality of work reflects very strongly on the necklace.

The necklace centers an 8.12 carat brilliant-cut fancy yellow diamond of “VVS1” clarity, and contains another 17 fancy yellow diamonds at the base of the necklace, each flowing in a parallel structure. The diamonds contain a total of 19.63 carats of radiant-cut fancy yellow diamonds that range from “VVS1-VS2” clarity.

The necklace also contains 24.06 carats of white diamonds, their cuts ranging from marquis, pear, oval, and round-brilliant . The necklace is set in 18k white and yellow gold.

The earrings are set with a pair of radiant-cut fancy yellow diamonds, weighing 4.26 and 4.00 carats, respectively. Both are “VVS2” in clarity. They are accented by marquis-cut diamonds that total 5.33 carats.

-A common theme in our design is nature. For this set, we decided to expand on that. Noting that marquis-cut diamonds portray and represent flower petals, we used a staggering 93 marquis-cut diamonds on this set. The base of the necklace depicts a full flower, whereas the earrings illustrate halves of flowers. When combined, they match in symmetry and bring new life.

-The set contains a total of 22 GIA certificates.