Flawless Heart-Shape Diamond Ring

This 20 Carat, D Flawless Type II-A Heart-Shape Diamond is the archetype of what Gad & Co. stands for. It embodies the essence of “Miracles of Nature.” The idea that such beauty can be found in the greatest depths of our Mother Earth is what inspires us at Gad & Co. to source only the most exceptional stones for our clients.

Set in 18k white gold with an astonishing heart shape diamond sitting in the center, all 20 carats shining bright enough to light a room, and flanked by 1.75 carats of fancy-cut brilliant “bullet” diamonds.

The diamond is an increasingly rare “Type II-A” diamond, which signifies a lack of nitrogen atoms in the diamond. They are known to be exceptionally colorless and are the purest and most valued types of diamonds.

The diamond is classified by GIA to be a type II-A diamond with a “D” color and “IF” clarity.