Antique Diamond Ring

This masterpiece centers three round-brilliant cut diamonds, weighing around 4.00-4.50 carats in total, and is accented by approximately 3.00 carats of round-brilliant cut diamonds. It is set in platinum. It has a unique design and a very antique feel.

Antiques, by some definitions, must be at least 100 years old to be classified as such. By that definition, this treasure certainly qualifies, as if could potentially be 200+ years old. It is in excellent shape and has aged incredibly gracefully.

The diamonds in this ring do not carry certificates from the world leading laboratories, as sending them to be inspected would involve un-setting the stones, and thus the ring would lose its antiquity However, we can infer that all three of the center diamonds are of “Top River” quality. In the days before GIA established the D-Z color scale for diamonds, the colors were classified as “Jager”, “River”, “Wesselton”, and others. The “Top River” color would classify as an “E” color by GIA’s standards.