Antique Diamond Earrings and Necklace Set

This set is composed of an antique pair of earrings and an antique pendant. The pendant weighs in at 7.22 carats, whereas the pair of earrings total 14.01 carats. Each of the three pavé’s contain 99 round-brilliant cut diamonds, all 297 of which total 3.33 carats. They are set in 18k white gold.

-In the days before GIA established the D-Z color scale for diamonds, the colors were classified as “Jager”, “River”, “Wesselton”, and others. The diamonds in this set are all classified as “light cape”, which would be considered “fancy light” by today’s terminology. The era in which they were designed cannot be pinpointed. -The diamonds in this ring do not carry certificates from the world leading laboratories, as sending them to be inspected would involve un-setting the stones, and thus the ring would lose its antiquity.